About Us

Altex Yacht & Boat Paint is proudly developed and manufactured in New Zealand by Altex Coatings Ltd and in Australia by Resene Paints Australia PTY Ltd. Designed for our harsh conditions, and a proven performer in our waters, have confidence in 60 plus years of Marine coatings development, easy access to our technical staff for advice and products designed for the DIY Boat Owner as well as the Professional Painter.

Altex has a full time technical team waiting to take your enquiries. Altex takes great pride in the level of service we can offer our customers.

A large amount of our technical staff's work is on product development from the early stages.

Our technical team have a range of qualifications, some of which are listed below.

Qualifications: B. Eng (Chemical & Materials ), MSc(Tech).Hons, CBIP, BSc (Chemistry & Electronics), ACA and NACE Certified Coatings Inspectors

Altex prides itself in offering a high level of customer service. What makes Altex stand out against our opposition?

Our Specification Guarantee

Specification & Product Advice: 8.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Written Specification Service: Full detail supplied - 1 or 2 page spec - 2 days Complex specification which requires more research 5 - 10 days

Website Enquiries: The Altex technical team aims to respond to all enquiries within 48 Hours, a small delay may occur over state holidays.

Bulk Order Close-off (Ordered through Head Office - Commercial Use): Altex Yacht & Boat stock items ordered before 2.00pm will be dispatched same day - orders received after the 2.00pm deadline will be dispatched next day. Items that are not in stock will be available for dispatch within 4 working days or less.

Bulk Tint Service (Ordered through Head Office - Commercial Use): Tints ordered today before 2.00pm. Existing Colours (i.e. standard or repeat) - dispatched next day. Items that are not in stock will be available for dispatch within 4 working days or less

Sales support

We pride ourselves on our amazing sales support. Please contact us at New Zealand or Australia for any assistance you may require.

Altex has a number of key standards it has achieved to manufacture protective coatings to the marine sector for over 50 years. These are listed below: