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AY&B Epoxy TimberSealer

Product Data Sheet  NZ Safety Data Sheet  Australia Safety Data Sheet

Recommended Uses

Altex Epoxy TimberSealer can be used for a variety of marine applications:

  • To seal any timber surface destined for marine use
  • As a timber pre-sealer for all Marine Paint and Varnish systems

Altex Epoxy TimberSealer should be considered for use particularly in areas of low air movement, cyclic humidity or areas inaccessible after construction.


  • Low viscosity, epoxy penetrant timber sealer
  • Compatible with epoxy gluing and laminating systems
  • Compatible with most two component epoxy and polyurethane undercoats
  • Excellent wicking properties especially on timber end grain
  • Hardens and increases the density of timber and plywood
  • Excellent water resistance